Monday, April 4, 2011

Yankees Postgame Notes

Joe Girardi officially named Joba Chamberlain as his seventh inning guy after the game.  He said "Right now that is what we are doing.  We love the way he threw the ball in spring training and he has the ability to get lefties out as well as righties."  Girardi said about the bullpen "That is what you want to have, and we have that luxury." 

Alex Rodriguez said some of the situations that Nova faced tonight were pretty hairy.  He was facing Joe Mauer in the fifth inning with the tying run on second base.  Nova said "You have to be careful with him"  He was but not so careful that he walked him or that he wasn't going to challenge him.  The thing that you have to love about Nova is he has that confidence about him that he is going to go out there and challenge people, it isn't quite cockiness but it is similar.  It is good to see from a young guy though instead of just trying to nibble around guys and being scared and then it ends up turning worse because you put too many guys on and run the pitch count up. 

Mark Teixeira got hit in the foot again in the first inning and had the same reaction I am sure that many of the fans and the coaches had.  He said oh no not again.  The pain wasn't too bad and he said that he is fine.  It actually caught him closer to the toes which apparently is better.  Alex Rodriguez two RBI gave him 1,835 for his career and tied him with Rafael Palmeiro for 14th on the all-time list.  He hit his 615th career homerun.  He said "I just got a good pitch to hit and smoked it." 

Posada is adjusting well to the new DH role, he has three homeruns in his last six at-bats.  It really is becoming unreal that the Twins just can't beat the Yankees especially in the Bronx.  They will try again tomorrow night.  C.C. Sabathia vs. Brian Duensing tomorrow night, enjoy your night everyone and we will be back at it tomorrow night.

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