Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Mets once again have controversy

The Mets can't seem to avoid controversy.  Their principal owner Fred Wilpon made some comments to the New Yorker which were released on Monday.  He called the team a not so version of the word crap and had some choice words for certain players such as Jose Reyes, David Wright, Carlos Beltran etc.  He was trying to be like George Steinbrenner used to be but it just isn't him. 

Today at Wrigley Field, Jose Reyes spoke with reporters about the comments made by Fred Wilpon, and basically said the following:

He was surprised by the comments made by Fred Wilpon and he needs to continue playing the game and not worry what happens later. Fred Wilpon is the owner – he can say whatever he wants.

Reyes wants to play in New York, but it’s too soon to think about the future, despite Wilpon’s saying payroll will be reduced next season he still thinks he could stay.  I don't see anyway that is going to happen but I guess he has to say that. 

Regarding the team ‘not being very good’, he thinks the team has a lot of talent, and has played well lately.  I would agree with that but they aren't very good, it is a losing atmosphere though which was brought on by the owners so he should look at himself in the mirror. 

When Fred Wilpon made the comments, the team wasn’t playing well, and he’s the boss, and the players are employees of his company.

The comments are in the past, and it doesn’t change his view on the Mets and the Wilpons.

In addition, Jason Bay spoke with reporters about Wilpon’s comments, and basically said:

He is not worried about the comments – well aware about how he’s doing.

The team has been faced with a lot of things – and thinks they will move on.

His comments are a reality of where the team is at – he can’t speculate on the future of the team and it’s payroll.

The players addressed the issue as a team, and decided they will stick together and take the high road.

He can’t explain the comments made about David Wright.  I don't know if anyone can because he is the leader of the team, as close as a captain as they can have.

They are worried about winning games, and not about what people are saying about them.

Wilpon’s comments should not have any bearing on what happens, unless people let it happen.  He is saying they can use that as an excuse and say that is why we played bad or didn't do this etc but that shouldn't happen.

In a perfect world, the comments can serve as motivation, but it’s a matter of simply executing on the field.  I would agree they shouldn't need motivation after the way they have performed the last few years. 

It might be helpful to hear from either Jeff or Fred Wilpon, but not necessarily right now.

Also, Carlos Beltran basically said:

He’s not 65 or 70 percent – he’s 100 percent healthy.

The years he was hurt, there was no way for him to perform the way he did when he was before he got injured.

He’s so happy to be healthy right now.

The comments are not going to affect him, or his approach to the game.

Regarding Wilpon commenting, and the issues he’s had with the team during his tenure with the Mets, he said “this is not my first rodeo”.

Very interesting stuff coming from the Mets, stay tuned as this story will not go away quickly.  The Mets need to start winning games and that will help let this story die out. 

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