Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Yankees Postgame Notes

The sixth inning last night is what doomed the Yankees.  Joe Girardi said when he walked out to the mound it was about telling not asking though.  He decided to walk Juan Rivera even though he had a groundball, strikeout pitcher on the mound.  The next four hitters in the lineup were 0-6 with four strikeouts.  He ordered Colon to intentionally walk him.  Colon said he told A-rod to tell him whatever you want I have no problem.  After the walk he gave up a single, walk and three run double that broke open the game.  If they didn't walk Rivera would the same thing have happened, who knows that is the beauty of baseball, you get criticized if it doesn't work and praised if it does.  No one knows the outcome you just try and make the best decision at that time. 

The Yankees got a groundball but not where they wanted and it turned into a big inning.  That does happen, look at the Yankees in the Sunday game against the Mets, a lot of that was the ball falling in the right spot.  The biggest problem in this game and especially that inning was Colon not having the command he usually does, he was missing with his fastball.  He walked Eric Thames on four pitches. 

Girardi was asked why he didn't use Nick Swisher to pinch hit for Jorge Posada late in the game.  He said he was saving him for if they had a couple of guys on base.  I would think a lot has to do with what happened and he is trying not to disrupt Posada anymore. 

Girardi said that Cano hasn't been the same hitter this year but he is still being productive and that is what counts to him.  Cano though just isn't the same feared hitter he was last year and I don't know what it is.  It could be concentration because in the field he hasn't been the same either but I am not sure. 

The Yankees still don't hit guys they haven't seen.  It was Carlos Villanueva first start since 2009 and he got the win.  The Yankees just don't historically hit those guys, it is baffling but they like guys that they know what they are going to do.  The Yankees were 2-15 with runners in scoring position, that has to change. 

Brett Gardner had two stolen bases and Curtis Granderson had one, three stolen bases was a season high for the Yankees.  Granderson scored all three of the runs for the Yankes and is on pace for 123 runs scored which would be the most by a Yankees CF since Rickey Henderson scored 130 in 1986. 

A-rod has had three straight multi-hit games pushing his batting average up to 289.  Yankees and Jays will play game two of their three game series tonight at 7:00PM.  Rickey Romero and C.C. Sabathia are the starters, that should be a good matchup.

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