Saturday, May 14, 2011

Yankees have hit rock bottom

The New York Yankees have hit rock bottom on Saturday night.  They were embarrassed by the Boston Red Sox 6-0.  It is their fourth straight loss and second straight to the Red Sox.  The Sox are 4-1 against the Yankees this season so far.  C.C. Sabathia had his third straight subpar outing and the offense continues to do nothing.  There is other news as Jorge Posada pulled himself from the lineup before the game and Girardi got ejected during the game. 

The postgame is going to be must watch T.V.  Posada said at 4PM that he was ok with batting ninth and it is his fault.  At 6PM he was in manager Joe Girardi office and said he was insulted and will not play rather then batting ninth.  The Yankees were not pleased and supposedly they will probably discipline him.  He apparently won't retire but will address the media after the game.  There are so many things that could happen and this could get even uglier.  The Yankees may need to call up Jesus Montero anyway just to try and spark the offense which is doing nothing at all, and it has been going on for two weeks now. 

The Red Sox and Rays started terribly and now the Rays are in first and the Red Sox are within two games of the Yankees.  It is just because it is the Yankees and it is May that everyone is going crazy over the Yankees, it is a long season though and they both survived, the Yankees will survive and start to play much better.  The problem is the division they are in is so tough.  The pitching has done better then though and who knows if that will last which could be the problem.

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