Monday, May 16, 2011

The Yankees losing streak reaches six

The New York Yankees lost their sixth straight game tonight.  They had a 5-1 lead off of David Price but A.J. Burnett was not able to hold it and the Yankees lost 6-5.  Burnett had one of his old innings where after crusing through five innings he imploded in the sixth inning.  He gave up a double and a homerun to Sam Fuld to start the inning.  It was 5-3 Yankees and he seemed to regroup getting the next two outs but then a single, wild pitch, single, wild pitch and two run homerun and it was 6-5 Rays.  It was the first time all season that the Rays have scored more then five runs in their own building.  The Yankees did not get a hit for the final three innings and they were left shaking their heads once again. 

Burnett got the loss and who knows what went wrong.  He didn't throw a lot of pitches so you can't say the pitch count, maybe Joe Girardi left him in a little too long but he is loyal to his regular guys.  The bullpen did a good job shutting down the Rays but the offense didn't do anything after sxoring three runs in the fifth inning. 

The Yankees record is now 20-19, they were just 20-13, they are three games behind the Rays and the Red Sox are now 21-20.  The Blue Jays are also 21-20 after winning six games in a row.  The Yankees and Rays will meet on Wednesday evening with Ivan Nova going up against James Shields.  Shields has been great this season adn Nova is up and down.  It looks like the Ynakees may lost their seventh straight game as they head to Baltimore to play two games against the Orioles. 

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