Sunday, July 3, 2011

Yankees postgame news and notes after a tough loss

The New York Yankees lost this afternoon to the New York Mets 3-2.  Here are some news and notes from after the game.  Derek Jeter is headed to Cleveland after he returns to the team, he was off about three weeks with an injured calf.  Jeter needs six more hits to reach 3000. 

Phil Hughes will start Wednesday in Cleveland he is jumping right into Ivan Nova's spot in the rotation.  Nova was optioned down to AAA Scranton earlier in the day.  The Yankees did discuss several options but it came down to sending Nova down or going with a six man rotation.  Girardi sent him down because he didn't want to mess with Burnett and Sabathia's schedule.  Girardi said this about Nova "I think he handled it like a man and a professional.  I think he will go about it the right way." 

Teixeira was not selected to the All Star Team.  That was a suprise to me and not in a snotty way but a firm way he said he doesn't want to be in the HR derby if he isn't in the All Star Game.  That is just a feeling of his and not meant to be mean or mad because he didn't get in.  It was a hard choice for the Yankees.  Larry Rothschild the pitching coach said it was hard but a good one to have to make.  They briefly discussed putting Nova in the bullpen.  I thought about that a couple of weeks ago, they feel that would hurt his development, he is a starting pitcher and that is what he needs to do. 

“In a lot of other places he wouldn’t be out of the rotation, but because guys are throwing so well, it just happens,” Girardi said. “He’s not the first guy that has thrown the ball extremely well and has had to go down… Going into spring training would you have said we had an excess of starting pitching? I probably would have said no, but the guys have thrown great. This kid, he’ll be back at some point. We know that.”

All around the Yankees clubhouse, the team seemed to feel badly for Nova. But they also seemed to understand the situation. Every option came with its positives and negatives, but the Yankees wanted to get Phil Hughes back, they wanted to keep all of their veterans in the rotation, and they wanted to keep Nova on an every-five-days schedule.  This information is coming from Chad Jennings of the Journal News. 

“It sucks the moves that correspond with it,” Hughes said. “I feel bad for Nova, but I’m real excited to get back. I’m ready, and I feel up for it.”

Rivera had converted 26 straight saves against the National League.  That includes two in the World Series.  It was tied for the second longest streak of interleague.  Troy Percival had 26 and Eric Gagne had 29. 

Girardi is hopeful of Nunez returning tomorrow even with Jeter coming back.  The Yankees have their whole infield on the All Star team other then Teixeira.  Teixeira said it is tough in the AL because of so many good first baseman.  He said he would be spending time with his family, he didn't seem that upset about it.  CC Sabathia was the other guy that didn't get in that was kind of a suprise.  He is looking forward to the three days off though and isn't uspet at all.  Dave Robertson is the other name that everyone is talking about that it would of been nice if he made it.  He didn't though unless their is an injury. 

The Yankees will open up a three game series in Cleveland tomorrow with A.J. Burnett on the mound.  They will try and start a new winning streak and Jeter will resume his chase for 3000.  He is six hits shy of that mark and will have these three games before returning home for four against the Tampa Bay Rays.  It will then be the All Star Break. 

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