Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Batting Cages

There is some downtime right now as the World Series doesn't start until Wednesday.  I can talk about the Jets and Giants sure, but I will start getting into that more after the World Series ends.  I am a baseball fan big time and also mostly a baseball blogger/journalist so I have to keep my focus on that until sadly the season ends in about a week or so. 

There will be the winter coming and for those who are baseball coaches or players, why not take a look at the link below for your batting cage needs.  Of course you also may just love baseball and be interested in it for that reason.  Jug sports does a great job and you should look into it.  I wouldn't recommend anything that I don't think is a good product myself.  I hope everyone has a great winter and comes back strong and ready to go in the spring for another great baseball season in 2012.  Enjoy the World Series everyone and remember to visit the link and Jugsports for your batting cage needs, thank  you for the time. 

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