Saturday, August 25, 2012

Roger Clemens returns to Baseball

Roger Clemens made his return to baseball and the pitching rubber on Saturday night.  He wasn't pitching in the major leagues but in an independent league.  He was pitching for the Sugar Land Skeeters a team in Texas as part of the Atlantic League.  It was his first outing since 2007 with the New York Yankees in the postseason.

He is now 50 years old and has just recently won a legal battle which cleared his name.  He was never guilty of taking steroids although everyone can pretty much assume that he did, he won his case though against the goverment and his name is somewhat clear because of that. 

Clemens was throwing 87 miles per hour and tossed 3 1/3 scoreless innings of one hit ball.  Their was a sellout crowd of 7,500.  He didn't committ past this game but I am sure since he pitched well that he will be pitching again.  He will have to see how his body recovers but I would expect to see him on a mound once again in a few days. 

Jim Crane the owner of the Houston Astros didn't rule out Clemens returning to the major leagues with the Astros.  They are a team that could use a jolt as they are one of the worst teams ever.  He could almost be like a player/coach for them and did pitch for them before and had a personal service contract with them also for after retirement.  The Baltimore Orioles and Kansas City Royals were said to have scouts on hand as well as the Astros. 

If he were to make it back to the majors he would be the second oldest pitcher ever. Satchel Paige pitched at the age of 59.  Clemens has 354 career victories and could add to that, he is ninth on the list and trails Greg Maddux by one.  He could also delay his hall of fame candicy which may be the calculated part of all of this.  He could think that if he waits a few more years they may look at him more favorably. 

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