Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Alex Rodriguez injury worse then thought??

Alex Rodriguez doctor spoke on Tuesday and it seems that his injury may be worse then we thought. He still hasn’t had his surgery but will do so soon. The estimated time of recovery puts him back at no earlier then the All Star Break. He most likely won’t see any playing action until at least the end of July or maybe August. 
The extent of the damage to the hip won’t be known until he is on the operating table. The doctor Dr. Kelly said “The big question is, how much cartilage damage is there, and how much unfixable damage is there?” The surgery according to Dr. Kelly is very technically challenging and it will be a two hour surgery. It is an arthroscopic procedure involved making three small incisions in the hip, penetrating three layers of muscle, inserting a camera to assess the damage, implanting an anchor in the top of the hip and reattaching the torn labrum to it, reshaping the femoral head of the hip to provide a greater range of motion and finally repairing as much of the cartilage as possible.

He said they can fix two of the three problems but the cartilage is a permanent injury and they won’t know how extensive the injury is until they are in there. The exam that was done by the doctor revealed some cartilage wear. This isn’t a very encouraging thing for the Yankees. If you are one of those that don’t believe Rodriguez will be viable going forward this certainly helps your case. I personally don’t know what to make of this, I know for sure we won’t be seeing 30 and 100 any longer but is 20 and 80 possible and a 270 average, I would say probably. If this is possible is it enough?? Not for the money they are paying him but as a DH?? It may be and it may have to be as there isn’t much choice, he has five years left and isn’t going anywhere.

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