Monday, February 25, 2013

Yankees notes from the weekend as the games begin

The Yankees biggest news came during Sunday’s game. Curtis Granderson was hit by a pitch in the first inning and after an initial diagnosis of a bruise they found out his forearm was broken. Granderson will miss about 10 weeks which puts him to about the middle of May. It isn’t a full season or even half of a season so it’s not devastating but it will hurt. The Yankees now have to find another outfielder, most likely internal or maybe they look to the outside for help. The other question is if they bring Granderson back as a left fielder like they were planning or scrap that and put him back in center when he returns. 
Adam Warren started Sunday and looked sharp. He threw 19 strikes out of 25 pitches. Joe Girardi had no real update on Phil Hughes other then he is getting better. He said he knows he went swimming today but that was it.

Brian Cashman said Derek Jeter will start playing games March 10th. He also said that Francisco Cervelli and Chris Stewart are out of options. It looks like those will be your two catchers with Austin Romine starting in AAA. It is possible if those two struggle at the big league level and Romine is playing really well in AAA you could see him at some point. Dellin Betances will be a AAA starter this season. Matt Diaz and Juan Rivera are heavy favorites for the right handed outfield role as the Yankees do not want a young guy in that role. They could both make it now with one of them being the left fielder to start the season.

The Yankees pitching has looked good early on. The starters won’t get into games probably for about another week or so. The young guys have a chance to make an impression early. Cano and Teixeira are getting a lot of early work before they leave for the WBC. The young guys in those positions will get plenty of chances not also and also with the loss of Granderson.

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