Monday, April 7, 2014

New York Yankees news and notes after the home opener

The Yankees did announce some injury news after the game today.  Mark Teixeira has a grade one

strain of his leg.  He should be back right after the 15 days are up with him.  They were actually very

happy and encouraged by that, the Yankees were fearing worse with him.  They also announced

that the closer David Robertson is hitting the disabled list with a groin strain.  He will be put on the

15 day DL tomorrow and the Yankees will have a corresponding roster move.  Robertson said he

doesn't feel that bad but doesn't want to leave the bullpen shorthanded right now.  It seems that

these two injuries are minor and in the short term they can deal with them. 

Shawn Kelley appears to be the one who will get the bulk of the time at closer.  The other guys will have to be moved up,  you may keep seeing Warren in the 8th as he has looked really good and maybe Dellin Betances in the seventh or Vidal Nuno and David Phelps.  We will have to see how Joe Girardi handles it.  he hasn't had any real set roles out there as of yet anyway.  He is still sorting through guys and kind of testing them out to see where they fit.  The Yankees staff as a whole has been really good so far this season. 

There was a first for Jeter in this game.  He was caught not hustling on a double.  He thought it was a homerun and I think everyone else did also but it wasn't.  He had to get a move on to get into second and thankfully he did to avoid embarrassment.  He said the guys were giving him a hard time but he is Jeter and you never see it so he kind of gets a pass anyway.  Jeter joked and said he wanted to test to make sure his legs were still good.  He also said you won't see that happen again and I would have to believe that. 

It is pretty amazing that the Yankees last four starters haven't issued a walk and they have struck out 23 in 25 1/3 innings.  The save by Shawn Kelley was the first of his career.  Kelley did say he was a little nervous at first but once he threw the first pitch it was back to business.  Robertson has only been on the disabled list one other time and that was his first crack at trying to take over for MO.  He said that every time he gets the chance something stops him from it.  He said he will get healthy though and get back and he seemed upbeat that it would be quick. 

Here is Jeter talking about the home opener.  "It is kind of tough for me to be reflective on something that 's at the beginning of the season.  It's my last home opener , but it's the first game here this year.  It's kind of hard for me to juggle having emotions for the last when it's also at the same time the first- if that makes any sense.  Home Openers are special.  I'm pretty sure next year when they have their home opener , I'll miss it a little bit.  I'm excited that we've gotten the season underway here, so today was just move excitement than anything." 

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