Wednesday, January 7, 2015

New York Yankees news and notes as we hit the new year

The New York Yankees have been busy even if it doesn't seem like it.  They have been making a bunch of smaller moves instead of signing some big free agents.  They have remade their bullpen.  David Robertson signed with the Chicago White Sox and Andrew Miller was signed by the Yankees.  David Phelps and Shawn Kelley were traded away.  The Yankees also just traded away former top prospect Manny Banuelos this  past weekend.  They acquired two relievers from the Atlanta Braves for him. 

The Yankees bullpen right now has Dellin Betances and Miller on the backend with Justin Wilson, David Carpenter who they just picked up from the Braves in front of them.  It would appear that Esmil Rogers will be the swingman like Phelps was.  The Yankees are expected to go with a seven man bullpen so they could have a couple more lefties such as Chasen Schreve from Atlanta or their top pick from last year Jacob Lindgren. 

The Yankees have also remade their infield from last season.  Mark Teixeira is the only incumbant.  Chase Headley was signed for four years and he was with the Yankees from the end of July on but he didn't start the season with them.  They have a new shortstop as their captain retired and they now also have a new second baseman in Stephen Drew.  Drew was also with the Yankees at the end of last season but he wasn't with  them for most of the season.  Alex Rodriguez is also back but he is expected to me mostly a DH and maybe only a part time one at that. 

The Yankees defense looks to be very good.  The left side has Headley and Gregorius which is very good with a lot of range and now the right side also has very good with lots of range in Drew and Teixeira.  Brian McCann is a very good catcher and the outfield defense especially in left and center field is very good.  Carlos Beltran might be the leakest weak defensively and he really isn't that bad he is just getting old. 

If the Yankees stay healthy they could have a pretty good season but that is a big if.  They are going to need their pitchers to stay healthy especially because they could really limit the runs allowed with their pitching and defense.  If their pitchers especially at the top are not healthy though that all changes.  I also think their offense will be better, how can it be any worse really and that should help them.  It should be an interesting year as they are definitely transitioning but yet still trying to stay competitive and a winning team. 

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