Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The New York Jets win their final game to end a miserable 4-12 season

The New York Jets won their final game of the season in Miami.  They had a dreadful season finishing it at 4-12.  The Jets didn't waste any time firing their head coach Rex Ryan who had a good run and changed the franchise to some degree with his brash style.  John Idzik the GM didn't survive either as he has been fired from the team.  The most amazing thing about this season is that Geno Smith finished the game with a perfect passer rating.  Maybe there is hope for him and the Jets after all.  He was benched earlier this season in favor of veteran Michael Vick who really didn't do much either in his time with the team.  The Jets just didn't have enough talent and they went to Vick too late in the season for it to mean anything anyway.  The Jets need to find a quarterback and I don't know if they will trade for one, draft one or sign a veteran free agent, we will see but they need to do something. 

The final score was 37-24 and this game took place in Miami.  Geno Smith was 20-25 for 358 yards and three touchdowns.  Chris Ivory led the rushing attack with 13 carries for 29 yards.  Owusu had one carry for 23 yards and it was a touchdown.  Eric Decker led the receivers with 10 catches for 221 yards  and a touchdown.  Sudfeld had two catches for 44 yards.  Chris Johnson had 10 carries for 20 yards rushing.  Nick Folk made three of four field goals and all four extra points. 

Ryan Tannehill of the Dolphins was 23-39 for 259 yards and a touchdown.  Miller had 19 carries for 178 yards and a touchdown.  Hartline had five catches for 94 yards, Landry had five catches for 55 yards and Clay had five for 45 yards. 

Harris had 2 1/2 sacks for the Jets, Coples had two, Davis and Richardson each had one and Wilkerson had 1/2 a sack.   The Jets had a miserable season and it came to an end on a positive.  The team will not be the same at all as the head coach and GM will be different and I am sure they will be trying to find a new quarterback at the very least to challenge Smith. 

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