Sunday, February 21, 2016

New York Mets Pitchers and Catchers Report

The crowd on Friday was the largest in Tradition Field history for the Mets.  I guess it would be expected as they were in the World Series last year and everyone wants to get a glimpse of that great starting pitching staff.  David Wright spoke with reporters and said he doesn't have a specific goal for games played but wants to be out there if he is productive.  He said his mindset hasn't changed due to his spinal stenosis but his preperation has changed.   He said the Mets should follow the Royals lead this year about getting back to the World Series and winning it.  He said the Mets have a great team on paper but that doesn't mean anything, it is how the team comes together and that teams will be gunning for them now since they are the NL Champs. 

He said winning in the NL is more important than beating the Yankees and their focus is on winning the NL East.  He said it is incredible to see how many players are showing up early to camp.  I guess winning will do that for you.  He said as for goals for this season confidence is good but cockiness is dangerous.  He said that he will miss Daniel Murphy this season. 

Terry Collins had this to say on Friday.  He said Jenrry Mejia used extremely bad judgement and his permanent suspension was very disappointing.  He will sit down next week with captain Wright and speak about their plan for the season.  He said they will slow down Wright in Spring Training so fatigue doesn't set in.  He said the players were told to take it easy early in spring training to avoid injuries.  The Mets don't know yet how the starting pitching depth will shake out after the five known starters. 

Travis d'Arnaud will mostly play three days in a row before getting a rest.  That will be the case most times he said.  Kevin Plawecki has to work well with the pitchers, that is the biggest thing for him.  On Saturday Michael Cuddyer was talking about Michael Conforto being an impact hitter.  There are definitely high expectations with the kid.  The big story on Sunday was Yoenis Cespedes showing up to camp.  He got his work in, took some batting practice and spoke with the media. 

Why did he come back to the Mets?  He said it was a little of everything.  He said he feels at home and relaxed.  He said he isn't worried about all the attention he will be getting. He said that he works hard and isn't too concerned with the salary.  He said one of the reasons for reporting early was to reestablish the bond with his teammates.  He said it was natural last season after the trade to the Mets in July.  The fans, team, coaches, everything is why he came back.  He said such a positive atmosphere.  Is this the Mets he was talking about, what a change in a few months.  Before the run to the World Series last year, you couldn't say anything close to that for many  years.  It really does feel different now, everyone is confident including the fans who are notorius for waiting for the other shoe to drop. 

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