Thursday, February 25, 2016

New York Yankees full squad reports

It has been pretty quiet in Yankees camp so far.  Aroldis Chapman did miss one day of practice already but the Yankees said it was a scheduled day off and they were fine with it.  He is also missing today, the first full squad workout day which the Yankees said was also known about a long time ago and it is an excused absence.  The possible suspension is also looming with him.  I guess you can say he has been the big story so far. 

Alex Rodriguez will have a press conference this afternoon for his first official day in camp.  He is always a big story but it is a lot different than at this time last year.  The Yankees announced today that Brett Gardner is suffering from a bone bruise in his wrist, he hurt it during the wild card game in October and complained about a week later.  They said it is no big deal, just being cautious because they can be and he will be fine for Opening Day in six weeks.  Brian Cashman the general manager even said he could be ready for exhibition games which start next week.  Mason Williams will be on the DL to start the season as he is still recovering from shoulder surgery.  He feels much better though. 

Rob Refsnyder who has become a bit of a fan favorite has also become a big story which is kind of funny.  We all assumed he might get traded or just be stuck in AAA when the Yankees traded for Starlin Castro to be their everyday second baseman.  That may not be the case, it still could be but it looks like the Yankees may be trying to fit him in on the bench and make him more versatile.  He started as an OF and has improved at 2B, now they are going to try him out as the backup 3B for Chase Headley, they also said they will try Castro out in that position but if that is the case Refsnyder can also play 2B if Castro is playing 3B.  It will be interesting to see exactly what they do with Refsnyder who can hit but his defense has always been a question and who the fans have fallen in love with. 

Masahiro Tanaka already threw a side session today and once again no bad reports so he is moving along.  Hideki Matsui arrived in camp today as a special guest instructor, always good to see him around.  Jacoby Ellsbury was benched the last time we saw him which was that wild card game loss to the Houston Astros in October.  He said there is nothing to discuss and that he feels 100 percent.  He said that is all behind them, that he spoke with Joe Girardi that day and it was left at that.  Ellsbury said that he felt he was getting better during the season but it wasn't until after the season that he realized maybe he wasn't 100 percent, he said you don't have time for that during the season and now he feels fine and ready to go. 

Mark Teixeira said yesterday that he wants to play another five years until he is 40.  I would doubt it would be with the Yankees but if he has another good year this year and stays healthy would the Yankees bring him back for a year or two??  It is interested to think about especially with Greg Bird the heir apparent being out for the season.  Girardi has talked about resting these guys more during the season to keep them fresh and I think that is a good idea and they have better backups now to make that happen. 

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