Sunday, November 23, 2008

Fall Leagues+Hot Stove

I dont know why I didn't mention this earlier but I will start with Phil Hughes in the Arizona Fall League. He has just completed the season there with 30IP,21H,2-0 3.00ERA,13BB,38K 198avg against. He was one of the youngest pitchers in this league and I think everyone tends to forget how young he is. The reports are that he was consistently sitting 93-95 withIf his fastball. I have always said this but I really think with him it is a matter of staying healthy,he has the stuff to be a 1 or 2 starter in this league. If you watch the last start of last year he made in Toronto he looked awesome. Juan Miranda and Austin Jackson were also out in Arizona. Miranda batted 301 w 5 homers and 20Rbi,378 OBP in 73At bats. Jackson batted 248,1hr and 18 rbi,298obp,114abs. Humberto Sanchez was also in arizona and really had a miserable time. These are the most prominent guys there. Andrew Brackman was in Hawaii along with Jeremy Bleich. Brackman was 3-4 w a 5.56era,34IP,31H,25BB,36K. Brackman just came off Tommy John so the important thing is for him to be pitching and be healthy. Bleich was the 44th overall pick for the Yanks this past yr out of stanford his numbers were 3-2 1.77ERA,35.2IP,29H,12BB,33K. This was his first pro action and he had a very good time in Hawaii-he is a guy to watch as he may rise through the minors fast. There were some other guys but I think these were the most important. Buster Olney of had an interesting take on the Knicks clearing room for Lebron James and how it could of helped the Yanks in their pursuit of CC,they are close friends and CC went to watch Lebron the other night,wonder if they were talking about playing in NY at the same time? This is interesting,lets hope CC comes by the end of thanksgiving weekend.

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