Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Random Thoughts/Opinions

Isn't it interesting that the Mets name their new stadium Citi Field and now the company is collapsing? Is it possible that CC could visit Lebron tonight in NY and maybe get a tour and talk to the yanks? We all know the problems the NFL had with the Pittsburgh game last week, but every week the officiating is just atrocious,if this was baseball everyone would be going nuts why not the NFL. It makes you think when most of us are struggling to make ends meet, and a guy like CC Sabathia can sit on 140million and not jump at it, doesn't seem fair to me. I know the fans all want Lebron,but is it really ok to basically throw away the next 2 yrs to hope you land Lebron when its no guarantee? Why in the NY papers today do we see matchups of the Jets and Giants,dont you think those teams have to worry about other teams? There is a long way to go before the Super Bowl,seems a lil premature to me, but i guess they have to sell papers. If the Angels are really jumping in on CC, I think the Yanks need to make a bold move of their own and jump in on Tex and see what happens. If the Yankees fail on CC, and dont get Burnett or Lowe or only land one, looks like we will be seeing more of Phil Hughes after all, did everyone forget about him? The NY Rangers are tied for 1st in the conference with the Boston Bruins, can we be having another NY/Boston war in another sport. We always have the Sox and Yanks, and we had the Pats and Giants in the Super Bowl, maybe we will have this battle all hockey season.


  1. I'm okay with the Knicks throwing away the next two seasons. Even if they were unable to land Lebron, they will have enough money to go after other high priced free agents.

    One of the many reasons why I hope the Yankees sign or trade for a top line pitcher is to take the pressure off of Hughes. He really should spend the entire 2009 season in Triple A. Then by 2010, I guarantee you he will be ready to step into the rotation.

  2. Im ok with it too, but Michael Kay says you should not be allowed to do that. He says we might not even be alive then so how can you do that. I agree Hughes is so young and had too much pressure on him and they brought him up too quick, when the pressure is off he has performed very well.



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