Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Happy Thanksgiving to all, the football games aren't too attractive for turkey day but it is a tradition. I am not so sure the Detroit Lions are going to win a game this year, and after the Titans got trounced by the Jets it looks like this will be a blowout. All the Giants fans will be interested in the Cowboys and Seahawks, but Seattle having to travel to Dallas doesn't look too good for a team that isn't so good. The night game is a fascinating game to me with the Cards traveling to Philly, of course we also have the subplot of Donovan Mcnabb. I think this is the end for him and his coach Andy Reid. Did anyone see the Knicks last night? It is nice to dream and we all would love to see Lebron but do you think that showing by the Knicks made a good impression on him, i dont think so. In the world of baseball this should make us all feel warm and happy as winter approaches, the New York Yankees pitchers and catchers will be reporting on February 13 and the first game is February 25, the earliest start in 60 years. The Yankees will be playing 33 grapefruit league games. Lets not forget also that the Cubs will be in the new stadium for 2 exhibtion games to finish it off before the real season begins. Will CC be reporting to Tampa, who knows, i for one am a little skeptical of the Angels offer, if they were really going to do it, wouldn't it of happened already?? Do we really think also if they do get somewhat close that the Yanks wont go to 7-160. I would bet on him still being a Yankee in the near future. As for the Mets well it looks like they are about to offer Fuentes and K-rod contracts, they really should just lock up K-rod and move on but they may want both or one and then another guy like Huston Street for the 8th inning, good thinking by them, because that pen is a mess and remember Heilman is going to be traded since they wont make him a starter. I dont think there is much else going on in the baseball world, oh did anyone notice the Pirates signing 2 Indian pitchers and I mean from India not the Cleveland Indians. I dont know how much posting i will be doing the next couple of days, everyone enjoy the holiday and if anything major breaks i am sure i will write about it, otherwise have a happy and healthy one.

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