Thursday, November 13, 2008

Free agency

Ok everyone we are just over an hour to go until the bidding can officially begin. Expect to hear at some point tomorrow the Yanks have offered 6 yrs 150 million to CC and I expect he will sign by thanksgiving. I still think the Yankees are going to go after TEX but we will see, let me know your thoughts. I expect Tex to drag out. I do think Melky will be gone but lets see how this all transpires, very exciting stuff.


  1. Despite the trade for Swisher, I think the Yankees are still going to try to sign Tex. They need to sign or trade for at least one big bat during the offseason. I agree with you about Melky. I will be very surprised if he is still with the team by spring training. Their 4 main outfielders should be Nady, Gardner, Damon, and Swisher.

  2. I agree with that,I know they are focusing on pitching first, but TEX wont sign anywhere to late December or January so they have plenty of time for that. The only way i see swisher being at 1B is if they go out and get a CF then and trade Melky and maybe damon, and you never know with them.

  3. LoHud blog says yanks were never really serious about Tex, they want CC, Burnett or Lowe, and Pettitte. That would suck, they need CC, Sheets and Tex



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