Thursday, November 13, 2008


That was a very good first half for the Jets and all of their fans out there. That was a huge TD for the Pats right before the end of the half. I dont know if i will get to post before the end of the game or if i will do that tomorrow. Enjoy the game, anyone who is watching and looking at this blog let me know what you think so far.


  1. Cashman is a terrible GM. Now we arent going to get Tex. He will use this as an excuse and say that Tex wanted too much, and Swisher is a cheaper alternative. This is an embarrassment. We are the effin Yankees, we dont need cheap alternatives. There is no excuse for not getting CC, Tex and Sheets, we have $88 million in expense coming of the books and $400 million in revenue coming onto the books. Cashman is a terrible GM, after drafting Gerrit cole instead of Shooter Hunt, and not signing Michael Inoa, on top of Kei Igawa, he should have been shown the door.

  2. I agree with you that we are the Yankees and we should be able to get CC and Tex and sheets. I personally prefer AJ only because he always beats us and the redsox and he has pitched in the AL now, i never like NL pitchers. I may be crazy but i still think the Yanks will be involved with TEX, i just dont see them putting a guy who hit 219 there last year at 1B and also having an unproven guy in CF, i dont think they are that dumb, especially with abreu gone. Its early in the process so lets see what happens. My good friend Peter Abraham at agrees with you and so do many other people.



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