Monday, December 1, 2008


The Giants have for years looked the other way but I think this is finally going to be the end of the line. I would think his Giants career is over and maybe his NFL career but we will see. The Giants will miss him at some point but without him they spread it around to everyone and they can win without him, Eli 3 best games are the 3 Plax has missed. It doesn't look like Pierce will be in trouble and that is a good thing, i dont think they can live without him, he is the defensive captain and very very good at what he does. We shall see what happens, and we will learn in Jan if they will miss him, this team though I really believe is one of the most focused i have ever seen, nothing fazes them, and it seems with adversity they just get better, i dont think anything can take them away from their goal, repeating.


  1. Plaxico is a freaking moron. There is no reason to bring a gun into the club. He deserves any punishment that is dished out. Just like you, I don't believe this going to affect the Giants much unless Pierce gets dragged further into this mess.

    What about Steve Smith being held up at gunpoint? It's amazing all these stories about football players carrying guns and getting held at gunpoint or getting shot at.

  2. Yes he really is and he does deserve what he got which is not playing again this season and bravo to the Giants for that, they prove once again no one player is greater then the sum of all the parts/team. Yes i was shocked to hear about Smith and not that he is right but if i were Plaxico i would say well i was scared after hearing about my teamate being followed home and robbed at gunpoint and that is why I had it on me. If this was baseball they would go nuts, i hate to say this but its the hip-hop culture in the NFL and NBA.



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