Thursday, January 22, 2009

Garcia chooses Mets

Freddy Garcia signed a minor league deal with the Mets tonight. He could earn between 8-9million in incentives if he makes the team out of spring training. He is 33 yrs old with a career record of 118-77 with a 4.07era. He has only pitched 73 innings over the last two years though. Prince Fielder is going to sign with the Brewers for 2 yrs and 18million. They are finalizing the deal as we speak. Troy Glaus the St Louis Cardinals third baseman had shoulder surgery and will be out for 12 weeks. Shilling says resign Tek. He says the Bosox are understating his importance that isn't measured in stats. If the catcher doesn't work with the pitchers well then the whole staff will suffer. He is now going to be a regular on WEEI in Boston as he has signed a deal. That is just great so he can rant and rave some more like he does on his blog also. I think shilling is right on this one though, the Sox should really think hard before losing Tek, they will suffer without him.


  1. Going to the Mets instead of the Yankees is probably a smart move for Garcia. He will have a better shot at winning a spot in the Mets rotation.

  2. I agree,if the Yankees just sign Petitte they are in good shape. I still think its going to get done. Sheets will probably get 2-3 yrs from the Rangers and there are no better options. Him and the Yanks will probably work out 1-10million and maybe some incentives to get more.

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