Thursday, January 22, 2009

Keith Law and Top Prospects

Keith Law of ESPN.COM released his second annual ranking of the top 100 prospects in baseball. The players have to have rookie eligibility meaning less then 130AB or 50 innings pitched in the majors and have not spent 45 days on the active roster of a major league club excluding the callups after Sept 1. He has Jesus Montero, Andrew Brackman and Austin Jackson in the list. Dellin Betances just missed the cut. Austin Jackson is #46, Jesus Montero #83, Andrew Brackman#95. It will be interesting to see the kind of season Austin Jackson has because if he does well he could be up with the Yankees at the end of the year and be ready to go for next year. Jesus Montero is only 19 years old and can flat out hit for avg and power. A lot of people still wonder if he will stay as a catcher but for now he is and has improved immensly defensively. Andrew Brackman has a high upside but just came off of TJ surgery and doesn't have much experience. He was topping out at 97 in the winter league but had control issues which is the last thing to come after that surgery. I think Dellin Betances will be on this list next year and its possible that Horne can bounce back and be on this list also. Humberto Sanchez and Mark Melancon are not on this list but can definitely have a big impact this year possibly especially Melancon. I think the yankees system is being a little bit underrated although I do agree they dont have much high end position prospects. Matt Wieters of the Orioles was ranked as the top prospect and it will be interesting to see him play for them this year. David Price was the 2 prospect and we already saw him in the playoffs and know the Yankees will see him this year when he starts for Tampa. Travis Snider is the 5 prospect of the Blue Jays. As you can see the AL East has pretty good young players and lets not forget I expect Wang to be healthy and good again and Cano to bounce back as well as Joba and maybe Hughes having an impact for the Yanks. Lets not forget about Melky and Gardner also. This should be an exciting year for all of these young players.


  1. Garym

    If you are able to get anything set up as far as going to games with the other posters as you mentioned on the other blog, I will try to make one or more of them if possible.
    But don't take my w/e preferences into account when doing so... they are too much subject to change.
    If you get a date set up and I think I can go I'll send a check for a ticket if needed or whatever if needed. It would be fun I think.

    Brad Pitt's better-looking brother

  2. OK great, we need to work on the Yankees game first. I haven't heard anything from anyone yet but I will continue to work on it and let you know. Thanks.



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