Sunday, February 8, 2009

More Arod

I don't think this will be a well constructed piece of writing but I am going to write my thoughts here anyway. I would like to start by saying I find it funny that the one guy who is the most villified in the sport other then Pete Rose is the only guy who has been telling the truth the whole time. I will always believe any guy that Canseco ever says took steroids, he hasn't been wrong yet. This is obviously a huge story and it sucks that he is a Yankee and its distracting but nothing you can do about it now. I don't believe anymore that any of them didn't take steroids, I will be shocked when they actually didn't do it not when it comes out that they did. This SI story although I have to believe it's true does seem a little suspicious. Why did only 1 out of 104 names get leaked and why is it 4 unnamed sources, I want to know who these sources are? What if it comes out that it was just any Joe Shmoe and it isn't true, then what?? I do think that one of the problems is Arods silence, he is off in the bahamas somewhere contemplating his next move, I guess when he does speak that will answer a lot of questions. I hope if it is true then just come out and answer everything now and hope it goes away. I am thinking this may help guys like CC,AJ Tex because the pressure is off of them and oh btw I do love the fact that no one is discussing Clueless Joes book anymore, serves him right. Scott Boras did say that Arod will be issuing a statement soon enough but what does that mean, spring training starts this week, he needs to do this before then. I think I have rambled enough and im sorry for that but I just had to get my thoughts out. If anyone has any opinions or reaction to this please respond in the comments and I will answer them and also remember my live chat coming up this Friday, im sure we will be talking about this a lot.


  1. When the Yankees signed AJ, CC, and Tex, I thought it was great because of all the pressure that would be taken off of A-Rod. It's amazing how he has taken the spotlight away from the free agents.

  2. Yeah it really is, how he is just a magnet for controversy. I mean of course it is somewhat his fault also but its just amazing but maybe the team will come together because of this and no one will care about AJ,CC and Tex and it will be easier for them.



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