Monday, February 9, 2009

New York Yankees Response

Here is the New York Yankees response to Arods admission today. STATEMENT FROM THE NEW YORK YANKEES RE: ALEX RODRIGUEZ “We strongly believe there is no place in baseball for performance enhancing drugs of any type, and we support the efforts of the Commissioner to continually improve the testing process. “We urged Alex to be completely open, honest and forthcoming in addressing his use of performance enhancing drugs. We take him at his word that he was. Although we are disappointed in the mistake he spoke to today, we realize that Alex—like all of us—is a human being not immune to fault. “We speak often about the members of this organization being part of a family, and that is never more true than in times of adversity. Alex took a big step by admitting his mistake, and while there is no condoning the use of performance enhancing drugs, we respect his decision to take accountability for his actions. We support Alex, and we will do everything we can to help him deal with this challenge and prepare for the upcoming season.”——————With that, I think I am done for the night. I have one more newspaper story to finish and two bags to unpack. Thanks to everybody for reading and participating today. I appreciate it.

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