Monday, February 23, 2009

Phil Coke News

I forgot to mention this before but Peter Abraham of the Journal News did ask Joe Girardi in the clubhouse today about Phil Coke. Phil Coke was told to prepare to be a starter but then of course the Yanks went out and signed CC,AJ and resigned Andy Pettitte. Joe Girardi said he is a reliever and that is how the organization now views him. Phil Coke said although he was always a starter he enjoyed being a reliever last year and would like to continue in that role especially if thats how he will make the team. I think there is a good chance he will make it and be a second lefty in the pen which i think is important. I do think Phil Coke can be this teams left handed version of Ramiro Mendoza as he could spot start, long relieve, face one lefty or pitch an inning. A guy like that can be very valuable and I expect Coke will be used in that way. There is no word yet on Edwar Ramirez shoulder, hopefully I will find out tonight and be able to post something about it later on.

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  1. Yaaaa Phil !!!

    Go get em yankees



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