Monday, February 23, 2009

Rangers Fire Renney

The New York Rangers who got off to a great start this year are in the midst of a freefall being only 2 points clear of 9th place in the conference. They are in danger of not making the playoffs and today they fired their head coach Tom Renney. I thought he was a good coach and I liked the way he handled things, but ultimately they didn't seem to respond well lately too him and also he had nothing to do with the personnel changes but someone has to be blamed and we know the GM Glen Sather is the owners pet and would never take any blame. It is being reported that the New York Rangers new head coach will be fiery John Tororella who led the Tampa Bay Lightning to a stanley cup in 2004. He was a former rangers assistant coach and his style would be a stark contrast to that of Tom Renney who was known as a laid back players coach. I think ultimately this comes down to the players but maybe this will be the spark that they need.

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  1. I am a Lightning Fan and I thing Torts is just what the Rangers need, It should help them get in the Playoffs this year, and maybe in the next Two Years the Rangers will advance far in the Playoffs.



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