Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Spring Training Game 1

Brett Gardners son and wife were in attendance today. He had gone 127 at bats last year in the majors without a homer and today he took the second pitch out. His 3 month old son Hunter won't remember it but when he gets older his dad can tell him about that in his first game. Gardner brought his son into the clubhouse to show him off after the game. There was no audio available after the game. Tomorrow the Yankees have their Home Grapefruit league opener with Phil Hughes starting. Melky will be in CF and Tex will make his Yankees debut at first base. Phil Coke, Mark Melancon,Jon Albaladejo, Damaso Marte and Brian Bruney will all be pitching also. The game is on YES at 1:15pm with a replay at 7:00, it will be great to see the Yanks back on TV. Reggie Jackson had some interesting things to say, how he is dissappointed in Arod and how he was 6th on the all time hr list when he retired and since then 5 guys have passed him by and most of these guys were juicing. He said he is a fan and that is why he takes the steroid issue personally and has even got in trouble for comments he has made but he is a fan and can't help it.

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