Monday, March 23, 2009

Yankees Concessions

The Yankees issued a press release detailing the concessions in the New Stadium. They are committed to quality, variety, convenience and value. I don't really buy much in the stadium, I prefer to go to the deli before the games, get my stuff there and bring it in. The problem this year is they won't let you bring stuff in or at least that's what I hear. I may have to buy drinks inside, which is ok, I will just eat my sandwich before I go in. I want to outline the concessions here. The stadium is also opening an hour earlier this year meaning 10 for 1 starts, 4 for 7:00 games, 5 for 8:00 games and 1 for 4:00 games. Stadium Debuts: Boars head made-to-order deli sandwich stand, including soups and salads Brother jimmys bbq Dunkin Donuts coffee Highlanders traditional ballpark food with a NY flare, including hot dogs with sauerkraut and "pushcart" onions Johnny Rockets Lobels of NY Moe's Southwest grill Otis Spunkmeyer Pepsi Cola products including gatorade, Lipton iced tea and tropicana lemonade Tommy Bahamas bar serving mixed drinks Turkey Hill ice cream New Cuisine: Garlic fries stand Latin corner serving cuban sandwiches and nachos and burritos Noodle bowl stand and other asian-inspired items Soy kitchen sushi and salads Triple play grill, offering beef and chicken sliders, and lobels steak sandwiches Healthy Alternatives and Specialty items: Melissa's a traditional farmers market, carrying fresh fruit and vegetables Various Glatt kosher options Child-friendly options: The Big apple stand, offering candy, caramel and chocolate dipped apples Dale and Thomas popcorn stand Kids cart with school-lunch favorites and smaller portion items, such as peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, milk, small hot dogs and kozy shack pudding The Yankees claim they will be offering a $3 hotdog, $6 beer and $3 soft drink, I will believe it when I see it as the prices were always ridiculous and I can't see them being any cheaper in a new stadium.

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  1. $6 beers would be great. I think I bought beers for $8.75 and $9.25 last season.



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