Thursday, April 9, 2009

The season is rescued

I am being funny here but to some they really feel this way. Brian Cashman says around here it is 162 1 game seasons and that is how a lot of fans treat it and even some in the media. The Yankees played a great game today winning by the score of 11-2. AJ Burnett looked good going 5 1/3 innings, 2 runs with 6 strikeouts. Nick Swisher made his first start and had 5 rbi, Robbie Cano continued to be the All Star version having 3 hits a homerun and a couple of rbi's. The bullpen was just pure dominance again with Phil Coke striking out both batters he faced then Jose Veras, Brian Bruney and Mo pitching perfect innings. Mark Teixera had a couple of hits, a homerun and rbi. Ramiro Pena got one at bat and had his first major league hit. The Yankees head to KC now and will play tomorrow afternoon at 4:00pm with Andy Pettitte going against ex teammate Sidney Ponson. Saturday night at 7:00pm Joba will square off against Horacio Ramirez and Sunday afternoon Easter Sunday CC Sabathia will face Gil Meche. I hope the Yankees will take a deep breath now and relax and get at least 2 out of 3 in KC if not sweep them. I know it is early but I really like what I see out of Nick Swisher so far and think he needs to get some more at bats, I am sure he will be playing tomorrow and if he continues to hit he will keep playing. I do like Xavier Nady but he is more of a free swinger and I also like the fact that Swisher is a switch hitter and just brings a lot of enery to the team. The Yankees need to get their pitching right and they will be fine, if there pitching keeps them in it they will win because they can score enough runs even without Alex Rodriguez. I fully expect that all the pitchers will get going and be very potent and tough to beat.

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