Monday, October 19, 2009

Angels answer back

The New York Yankees lost to the Anaheim Angels by the score of 5-4 in 11 innings this evening. Andy Pettitte started the game and pitched well except for one huge mistake giving up a 2 run homerun to Vlady Guerrero with 2 outs and 2 strikes. The curious thing was that Joe Girardi came out to talk to them right before the homerun and looked right at Jorge Posada. I am guessing as were the announcers that he was saying don't throw a strike and yes Pettitte missed his spot but why not just throw something in the dirt and get him to chase. The Yankees also had many chances going 0-8 with RISP and that just won't cut it. The worst decision of the game and the one that ultimately cost the Yankees was taking Dave Robertson out of the game when he got 2 easy outs for Alfredo Aceves who gave up a single and double to lose the game, this just makes no sense when it wasn't like one guy had great numbers and the other didn't against Kendrick. Robertson had faced him twice and Aceves never faced him. Joe Girardi was upset after the game and just said they liked the matchup better but cut the interview short and wouldn't talk about it. The Yankees really need to start scoring other ways then just hitting homeruns. The Yankees once again didn't play great at least not from a offensive standpoint but are still in control of this series and have to feel good about CC going tomorrow against Scott Kazmir. If the Yankees can win tomorrow they will be in great shape no matter what happens in Game 5. A-rod hit another homerun and so did Derek Jeter but Tex, Cano, Swisher and Cabrera are really killing the Yankees, I wonder if Girardi will sit Swisher tomorrow and go with Gardner in center and either Hairston or Melky in right.


  1. Hey
    Found your blog on bronxhomers

    What do you attribute Arods success this post season to??

  2. I just think he is relaxed and has a clear mind, he no longer has to worry about being caught with steroids or anything like that and he is just playing enjoying it.



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