Sunday, October 18, 2009

NFL week 6

The New York Giants will be playing at the New Orleans Saints at 1. The New York Jets will be playing at home against the Buffalo Bills at 4. The Giants are in the marquee matchup of the week. Drew Brees and the Saints have the number 1 ranked offense in the country and the Giants have a good offense also. Jeremy Shockey will be all fired up I am sure to face his former team and try and stick it to them. I am going to pick the Giants going out on a limb and saying 28-24. I would not be shocked if they lost a close game though. I expect this to be a very entertaining good game. The Jets are playing the Bills and after 2 losses in a row will try and get back on track. I think this is a good matchup for them and they shouldn't have too much trouble. I would expect the Jets to run the ball with the weather being bad out and get the running game going. I am going to pick the Jets 24-10. I am not going to pick a random game this week as I am doing this so late. I was 1-2 last week and am now 5-3 on the season. I am looking to bounce back with a clean sweep of the local teams. Everyone enjoy the football and I will recap the games later on tonight.


  1. I could not believe the extent of the Saints offensive domination. I really thought the Giants would keep it tight but we jumped off to a hell of a start and in Drew Bree's have the premier quarterback in the league at this time. I had the Saints picked at 27 to 23 pre game.

    I still think the Giants will be in the division championship game and a rematch will be in order.

    Good luck to you and the Yankee's.

  2. Yeah me either it was just a bad bad game for the defense but it is early and I am not too worried. Some times a game like this is good to refocus the team and not let them get too cocky thinking they are so great. Thanks for the luck



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