Monday, October 26, 2009

Statement from the BOSS

“The Yankees’ enormous will to win, tremendous professionalism and great team spirit, backed by the best, most vocal and supportive fans have propelled us into the World Series. We’re looking forward to our 27th ring.” This came from the BOSS earlier today, he is planning on being at the Game on Wednesday night. Jay-Z will be performing Empire state of mind before Game 1 and Alicia Keys will be singing the National Anthem. I wonder who will throw out the first pitch, I am going with Yogi Berra or Whitey Ford. A non World Series or Yankees related item today but interesting is that Mark McGwire was hired as the Cardinals new hitting coach. There will be a lot of stuff coming from the Stadium tomorrow with the official media press conferences, I am guessing Charlie Manuel will name his Game 2 starter and I hope it is Pedro Martinez, I am guessing the Who's your Daddy? chants will be revving up.


  1. Pitching Pedro in Game 2 is not a wise decision at all for the Phillies. Bring him on!!!!

  2. Yes I agree he should have a tough time but who else do they have you know.

  3. He pitched alot better then I thought he would. But, I think JA Happ should be in the rotation



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