Monday, October 26, 2009

The Yankees win, theeeeeeeee Yankees win

The New York Yankees defeated the Anaheim Angels last night by the score of 5-2 and securing their 40th pennant in the process. Andy Pettitte got the start, the old warhorse and pitched 6 1/3 good innings giving up 1 run. Joba Chamberlain got 2 outs and then Old Reliable Mariano Rivera got the last 6 outs to secure the pennant. Andy Pettitte got the win and became the alltime leader in wins in the postseason with his 16th career victory. He passed John Smoltz on the list. The Yankees will now appear in a record 40th World Series but their first since 2003 which to many seems a long long time ago. It is a long time ago in the Yankees Universe but if you were around in the 80's or the mid 60's until the late 70's you know it hasn't been that bad. The new age fans are very spoiled and the players themselves at least the core four were spoiled but now realize just how hard it is to get to this point. Alex Rodriguez will be appearing in his first world series as well as CC Sabathia. A.J. Burnett made the world series vs the Yankees in 2003 but he was hurt and inactive so this is special to him. The young guys like Joba, Phil Hughes, Dave Robertson, Robinson Cano etc get to experience this for the first time as well. Jerry Hairston Jr. has been around for a while but never even made it to the playoffs, Eric Hinske is a guy that keeps getting on teams that make it so to him this is old hat but he will enjoy this as well. Joe Girardi with all the second guessing he has endured seemed to really really enjoy this as he wouldn't let go of the AL championship trophy last night according to the Lohud Yankees Blog. I was at the game and didn't get a chance to do a recap and that is why I am getting to you so late. I basically sleepwalked through the day today as you can imagine. CC Sabathia won the MVP which is interesting because he won 2 games and was dominant but A-rod impacted every game and was unbelievable. I thought they might go with co MVP's but that is just window dressing, A-rod said he didn't care and with this team you have to believe him, all year long they have focused on team and winning the world series. It will be interesting to see if the Yankees continue to go with the 3 starters in the World Series or use Chad Gaudin as the 4th, what they may do is use him for Game 5 so they could still use CC in games 1, 4 and 7 if necessary. The only problem with using 3 starters is everyone would have to pitch on short rest and I am not sure that is the best idea but I would use CC on 3 days rest as he has proved he can do it and do it well. There will be another day off but press conferences tomorrow and I will do a preview tomorrow.

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