Tuesday, October 27, 2009

World Series workout Day

The Phillies announced that Pedro Martinez will start game 2 at Yankee Stadium. This should be a lot of fun, the whose your daddy chants will be back out in force. It is very interesting, i guess Pedro is a veteran and has pitched well but what does this say to Cole Hamels, obviously they don't trust him at all and don't feel good at all about him. CC vs Cliff Lee in game 1 is a great matchup although the Yankees know him well and have had success against him. This is a dangerous situation for the Phillies if they lose game 1 that the Yankees may just pound Pedro in game 2. The Yankees didn't announce their rotation past game 3 they will stick with CC, A.J. and Andy in that order but we don't know yet if they will use only three starters. It is believed that they may go back to CC and then use Gaudin for a game 5. If they only use 3 starters that would mean all of them have to pitch on 3 days rest. Joe Girardi also said today on WFAN that it isn't out of the question that Matsui could play the OF in the NL park. I just don't see how that is possible, he hasn't played there all year and do you really want to put him out there now? If you do that you have to move Damon to right or sit him which you don't want to do. Eric Hinske although it hasn't become official yet is going to replace Freddy Guzman on the roster according to Jon Heyman and Joel Sherman and others. The Yankees may also add an extra pitcher, Brian Bruney is the name you hear. I am sure there may be some audio later on the press conferences and some quotes.


  1. I'm so happy that Pedro is pitching game 2. Not only because he shouldn't be pitching at all, but because I'll get to hear the chants again. Also, he gives up the most fly balls out of any Philly pitcher and he's pitching in the Bronx, great. I can't wait for the series to start, but I really can't wait for game 2.

  2. Yeah I agree he should have a tough time, if the Yankees win tonight they will be in good shape. I can't wait for that game either with Who's your Daddy.



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