Monday, February 22, 2010

Yankees Day in Camp

Jesus Montero put on a show, he hit one ball on top of the scoreboard. He just has amazing raw power and Joe Girardi said that his offense is real mature. He also talked about how he has been improving behind the plate and they still view him as a catcher. This kid appears to be a amazing offensive machine and that is what is going to get him to the big leagues, they will figure out the rest. Montero said that he hasn't been trying to hit long homeruns, he said this " Today I found it a little bit, I tried to put a good swing on the ball and that is what happened." The other big story of the day was Posada catching A.J. Burnetts bullpen. Here is what A.J. had to say " It all went back to when I was right, if Jorge was going to catch me or not is irrelevant becasue when my mind is right then everything is a lot easier for Jorge." A.J. Burnett was blaming himself and then added everything went well today and he hopes he catches all his bullpens and starts all year. Here is what Joe Girardi had to say " I think sometimes when people talk about the relationship, they make the relationship bigger then it is, like it's what they do when they aren't in the game together." " To me it is just the understanding of the pitcher when he is on the mound that day and what you need to do. That's the relationship that you continue to learn." Here is some more of what A.J. had to say " I never questioned Jorge, never would and never did. I questioned myself and then everyone thought I questioned Jorge. He has caught in this league for a long time and I can do nothing but learn from him, so I am looking forward to it." There is audio of A.J. Burnett as well as Joe Girardi on the Lohud Yankees Blog

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