Monday, February 22, 2010

Yankees sign Chan Ho Park and Damon formally introduced in Detroit

The New York Yankees have signed right handed pitcher Chan Ho Park. He played for the Phillies last season and Brian Cashman said he had been talking to his agent all winter long. He is being signed as a bullpen guy and will receive 1.2 million for one year. It is a move that came out of nowhere and is a little curious because of all the guys the Yankees have like Alfredo Aceves, Chad Gaudin, Sergio Mitre and the younger guys. Cashman said you can never have enough pitching even though he wouldn't specifically say that Park has signed. I guess he is right in that you can never have enough pitching and he pitched well out of the pen for the Phillies but it still is a curious move. I am guessing that Sergio Mitre will be the one to go now but I guess we will see what happens. They have to clear a 40 man spot before Park can be officially signed. Johnny Damon is about to be introduced as a Detroit Tiger at 2:00PM. He signed with Detroit for one year and 8 million. The Yankees had offered him 2 yrs and 14 million, he said all along he wanted to stay but he badly overplayed his hand and this is what happened, they were the last team standing that even offered him anything. I guess he decided there is nothing else left to wait for I just have to take this deal and hope it works out. I think Damons power numbers will go down in spacious Comerica Park and his defense which isn't great to begin with will also be hurting in that park but I like him and wish him well. I just think he made a dumb move and it will end up costing him.

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