Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Yankees Full Squad Report Day

The New York Yankees full squad had to report to spring training today. Tomorrow is the first official workout but this morning beginning at 7:30AM they took their physicals. Derek Jeter will be addressing the media tomorrow and I am sure the topic will be about his lame duck contract status. Alex Rodriguez will be meeting with the media on Thursday and then next week the games will begin. It really has been camp quiet around the Yankees and it seems like it will stay that way. Alex Rodriguez was a big controversy one year ago and now he is a World Champion and maybe had the best performance of any player in the postseason which no one could of seen coming. I am sure he is going to stick to the same routine of not saying too much and when he does it will be all about the team. He will let his baseball talent do the talking for him. Mark Teixeira did have a little to say this morning. He said that he doesn't see any reason why the Yankees can't defend their title. He also said they could be better then last year and isn't worried about complacency because this is the Yankees and we know we have to win every year. There is audio of him speaking this morning on the Lohud Yankees Blog at http://yankees.lhblogs.com I will be back with more later on today, there should be some news and notes but like I said it has been eerily quiet.

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