Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Grapefruit League Game 14-Yankees at Phillies

Here is the lineup for todays game and then some notes. Gardner(CF) Johnson(DH) Teixeira(1B) Rodriguez(3B) Thames(LF) Cervelli(C) Pena(SS) Russo(2B) Phillies Lineup: Rollins(SS) Victorino(CF) Werth(RF) Howard(1B) Francisco(LF) Ransom(3B) Castro(2B) Ruiz(C) Blanton(P) Andy Pettitte is starting for the Yankees. He is expected to go 4 innings then Damaso Marte for an inning and Joba for 4. Joe Girardi has told him it is time to step it up. He said he told all the pitchers to now worry about results, not so much about working on things. Phil Hughes used his changeup in key spots last night and Girardi said that it shows him he has confidence in it.
  • Brett Gardner cut his hair short again, maybe he is hoping for good luck or something.

  • Jason Hirsh threw in the bullpen this morning.

  • Here are the players that will come off of the bench for the Yankees: Mike Rivera(C), Juan Miranda(1B), Reegie Corona(2B),Eduardo Nunez(SS),Jorge Vazquez(3B), Jaime Hoffman(LF), Reid Gorecki(CF), David Winfree(RF), Jon Weber(DH).

  • Here is what Joe Girardi said about Joba "I told him, just pitch. Do what you have to do. We're not expecting you to work on things anymore, we are expecting you to compete, show us what you got." I think those are pretty strong words for him and if he struggles once again I think he will be in the bullpen sooner then later. Joe Girardi said yesterday he would like to figure this out by next week and will start eliminating candidates 1 or 2 at a time.

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