Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Changes to the Blog

I haven't announced on here yet but now is the time. I am going to be covering the New York Yankees and New York Mets as a member of the press this season. I will be maintaining the blog like I always do but hope that this will enhance it. The games I will be doing you will know ahead of time and I plan on doing live blogging from the games I do attend. I hope that you guys will be more interactive with me and we can get a community going on here. I will have the game posts up and I hope this will lead to lots of discussion and maybe even debate. I welcome any and all comments but remember I do monitor so please refrain from abusive or derogatory language. If you have any other ideas to make this blog better please let me know also. My first game will be covering the Mets home opener on April 5th and I will also cover the Yankees home opener on April 13th. I can't wait to get started, I am hoping to put more pictures on here also to enhance the game stories. I think having the live blog posts and postgame reaction all directly from the games will enhance this blog and hopefully get people to come here and chat in the comments section. I will be on the computer throughout the days and nights of the games I am covering so don't be shy to write away and I will be responding. I thank you for all of your past, current and future support. I am looking forward to this experience and oppurtunity and can't wait to get started.

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