Friday, March 19, 2010

Yankees Split Squad Games

The Yankees are playing the Detroit Tigers right now at Steinbrenner Field. The game is on the Yes Network. Here is the lineup even though the game already started. Yankees Lineup: Jeter(SS) Nick Johnson(DH) Mark Teixeira(1B) Alex Rodriguez(3B) Robinson Cano(2B) Marcus Thames(LF) Jaime Hoffman(CF) Francisco Cervelli(C) Greg Golson(RF) CC Sabathia is making the start. The Yankees added 8 players to the roster today to cover since it is a split squad. They may not play but are needed just in case. Mariano Rivera, Jonathan Albaladejo, Royce Ring, Eric Wordkemper and Ryan Pope are all available to pitch after Sabathia. Sergio Mitre and Chad Gaudin will pitch later in the road game against the Rays. Zack Segovia and Amaury Sanit are also available. Kevin Russo is getting another start at SS today, they are trying to see if he can play it well enough to be a utility guy. I still think Ramiro Pena will get the job though. Damaso Marte will pitch in relief of Alfredo Aceves tomorrow. Brian Hoch from asked Jeter how he was feeling as soon as he walked in the clubhouse. Remember a lot of people thought he got injured yesterday and this is what Jeter said "About What? The weather, health care reform, Avatar, the Pavement reunion?? I guess Jeter isn't too worried about his hand, but this is why he is who he is. He will never tell you anything. Yankees Lineup(Road Game) Brett Gardner(CF) Curtis Granderson(LF) Nick Swisher(DH) Jorge Posada(C) Randy Winn(RF) Juan Miranda(1B) Ramiro Pena(2B) Brandon Laird(3B) Eduardo Nunez(SS)

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