Friday, March 26, 2010

Grapefruit League Game 22-Phillies at Yankees

Here is the lineup for tonights game followed by some pregame notes. Jeter(SS) Thames(DH) Teixeira(1B) Rodriguez(3B) Cano(2B) Swisher(RF) Granderson(LF) Gardner(CF) Cervelli(C) Phil Hughes is starting tonights game. Rivera and Marte are also scheduled to pitch out of the bullpen tonight. Hughes is scheduled for about 75 pitches, remember he is on short rest. I know you are wondering is that A-rod in the lineup, yes it is. He was supposed to be in Buffalo meeting with the FEDS but we are not sure if that happened. Here is what he had to say today. "There was no meeting, no meeting today." He said "What I can tell you is that nothing has changed. We're going to continue to work together. We're going to cooperate and we're going to talk to the feds and major league baseball shortly." He said he is meeting with MLB because the league wants to hear what he has to say. He said he doesn't know where or when that meeting will take place. He said they are still working on it. He said "Whether I talk to them today or next week it will get done and hopefully it will be done before Opening Day and we can move on." The reports were that he was to meet in Buffalo today with the Feds, Rodriguez never said he wasn't in Buffalo just that he was in Tampa last night. This is still all fuzzy as usual with A-rod but I really don't believe he has done anything wrong in this case. The Yankees may be mad because they didn't give him permission to even meet with Dr. Galea but I am sure they will get past this. Marcus Thames is hitting second to get more at bats against the lefty Jaime Moyer. He will also start tomorrow against lefty Nate Robertson. Joba is scheduled to pitch out of the bullpen tomorrow. He said he will continue to use a changeup and curveball in his bullpen sessions but plans on going primarily back to a fastball-slider combo as a reliever. Joe Girardi said "I think Joba can do both, I really do." He was talking about starting or relieving and I do also but right now he is best used as a reliever. Joe Girardi said the same thing that right now they need him as a reliever. I think also if MO gets injured knock on wood then they have Joba who can step right in. The game is not on TV but is on WCBS radio in NY. It is 880AM on the dial. I will be out and about tonight so I won't be able to get to a game recap but I will have that tomorrow. Here is the Phillies Lineup: Rollins(SS) Polanco(3B) Utley(2B) Howard(1B) Werth(RF) Ibanez(LF) Victorino(CF) Gload(DH) Ruiz(C)

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