Thursday, March 25, 2010

Some notes from today

Here are some notes today from Chad Jennings of the Journal News and Lohud Yankees Blog. Marcus Thames was 0-4 today and his spring average is now down to .094. That is terrible but he does have experience and he is basically the last guy standing. Here is what Joe Girardi said "The one thing we talk about Marcus is playing against a lot of left-handers possibly. He hasn't seen a lot of left-handers this spring." The Yankees are scheduled to play Jaime Moyer tomorrow and Joe Girardi said he will be in the lineup. They will see lefty Nate Robertson on Saturday. He does have very good career numbers against lefties. Here is what Phil Hughes said about winning the 5th starter competition: "It was what I set out in the spring to do. I grew up a starter in high school, minor leagues, even my first couple partial seasons in the big leagues. It was something that I really wanted and I feel like im ready for the challenge and ready for the season that lies ahead. Im just looking to go out and put together as many quality starts as I can and give our guys a chance to win everyday. That's really all I can ask for myself. Girardi says he sees Sergio Mitre as the long man out of the bullpen but he seems open to putting whoever is earning it in key spots late in the game. He said when your pitching well you are going to pitch. This is what I love about Joe Girardi, he rewards guys that deserve to be rewarded, Joe Torre always relied on certain guys and that was it no matter what. Girardi said he isn't sure if A-rod will be available on Saturday, remember he is meeting with the FEDS tomorrow. The beat writers are going out to play some paintball with Brian Cashman, Joe Girardi, Jason Zillo and other members of the Yankees PR staff. There probably won't be much news tomorrow morning but I will see if anything gets leaked about A-rods meeting. The game tomorrow is not until 7:00PM.

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