Saturday, March 27, 2010

Hughes starts but Joba gets the attention

The New York Yankees played the Philadelphia Phillies last night at George M. Steinbrenner Field. The final score was 3-0, Phil Hughes made the start on short rest to get lined up as the 5th starter but most of the attention was on Joba Chamberlain. Hughes pitched 3+ innings giving up 2 hits and 1 run with 4 walks and 5 strikeouts. He was a little wild but remember was on short rest. Joe Girardi said he was pleased with his outing. He said he was missing just a little bit but he was pleased with his outing. Zach Segovia pitched 2 scoreless innings giving up 3 hits and a walk. Mariano Rivera pitched a perfect inning with a strikeout and so did Damaso Marte. Royce Ring pitched a inning giving up 2 runs and 2 hits with 2 strikeouts. Amaury Sanit pitched a perfect inning with a strikeout. Now lets get to Joba, he is the big topic as always because he is back to being in the bullpen. Here is what he had to say "I can say I am happy with myself because I gave it everything I've got. Hughes just beat me, that's it, the long and short of it." He said he expects to go back to his fastball slider combo and the Yankees expect his velocity to climb back into the upper 90's. I also expect this to happen and don't think it will take him too long to get back to that bulldog mindset and just start blowing people away. "I can't think about being a starter at this point. For me to help this team right now, it's being in the bullpen and trying to get guys out there. It's unfair to my team to think about something else." Here is what Brian Cashman had to say "I think we finished off his development plan, and we have choices with him now. He can start if we need him to start, he can relieve if we need him to relieve. I don't feel it's a waste at all. I think we completed the mission on him and what will be, will be." The Yankees offense only produced 4 hits in the game and one was by Marcus Thames off of lefty Jaime Moyer which is good, he is going to be used against lefties and needs to show he can hit them like he has in his career. The other hits were by Robinson Cano, Jon Weber and Nick Swisher. The Yankees will take on the Detroit Tigers in Lakeland today at 1:00PM. Francisco Cervelli will be away from the team for a couple of days to attend to a personal matter.

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