Thursday, April 8, 2010

Umpire Rips Yankees and Red Sox

I want to get to some of the postgame notes from last night but first I have to talk about the story in the Bergen Record about umpire Joe West. He is actually one of the crew chiefs and he ripped the Yankees and Red Sox. I understand wanting to speed up the pace of baseball games and all of that, I actually think overall they have gotten shorter the games but the Yankees and Red Sox are two very good teams that take a lot of pitches and also have long at bats and that will slow the game down. The problem I have with Joe West isn't that he wants to speed up the game but what he actually said, here are the quotes "embarrassing, a disgrace to baseball." This is him talking about the length of the Yankees and Red Sox games. He also called the teams "pathetic and embarrassing, they take too long to play." It is one thing to feel that way but how can you say that when your supposed to be an objective umpire. I think this is a big problem and should be addressed by commissioner Bud Selig. If the players get in trouble for speaking out shouldn't the umpires also?? I wonder what will happen here, stay tuned. Postgame Notes from Last night: Andy Pettitte actually got a little whiplash from falling to the ground during the 1st inning of the game. He said he had a headache and was sore for a few innings and had to gut it out. Steve Donahue the trainer had to massage his neck and give him some pills according to Pettitte. He said whatever he gave him worked and he was able to complete the game. He said there was no way he was coming out. Joe Girardi and Derek Jeter both said that Lackey did not hit Jeter on purpose in the 6th inning. I wouldn't think so either in a 1-0 game with the top of the lineup up. Jeter and Youkilis were joking about it on the field. Joe Girardi said his plan was to use Park for no more then 2 innings but that his pitch count was low enough that he used him for a third inning. He said that is what made him attractive to the Yankees, his ability to pitch multiple innings. Alex Rodriguez had this to say "We won two out of three and Tex and I didn't do much to help out. The bottom of our lineup did great all three games, They came up big for us." Robinson Cano and Jorge Posada hit 417 for the series and Nick Swisher hit 364.

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