Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Postgame Reaction from last nights Yankee Game

Joba Chamberlain met one of his childhood heroes before the game last night. John Smoltz was working for MLB network and he did offer Joba some advice. Smoltz remember started and relieved in his career and did both well. He told Joba to treat relieving as though it is a "one inning game." Joba said "It is just getting back in the routine, getting comfortable with what I do down there, when it is all clicking, it feels right." He was talking about being in the bullpen. He sure looked like his old self last night hitting 96 on the gun and showing that emotion that he needs to show. Chad Jennings of the Journal News had these postgame notes: Here is what A.J. Burnett said about Posada, he said that Posadas ability to block his curveball early in the game gave him the confidence to keep throwing it late. "My first couple of hooks aren't exactly 60 footers, they are more like 56 and a half." Nick Swisher said "I'm really just taking this, for the first time in my career, like a job. Show up, I do the work, make sure I am doing everything the right way and it's really working out. Maybe I am just a little more focused." Girardi said he didn't want to use Park because he felt a little sick yesterday. Girardi said it was possible that Robertson would of pitched the whole 8th inning had he not allowed that leadoff single. Girardi said this about Nick Johnson "That is why we went and got this guy." He was commenting on him getting on base 50 percent of the time even though he hasn't got a hit yet. The Yankees were pleased with the way Burnett pitched, Burnett said that he just made 2 mistakes to Victor Martinez. Here is what Girardi said about Cano in the 5 hole. "His approach has been outstanding."

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