Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Yanks even series with Boston

The New York Yankees bounced back with a win tonight in Boston. They won the game 6-4, A.J. Burnett got the start and I think he was better then the numbers indicate. He pitched 5 innings giving up 7 hits and 4 runs, only 3 were earned. He did have 5 strikeouts with only 1 walk. He got off to a bad start because the outfielders miscommunicated and it led to a single, stolen base and throwing error by Jorge Posada. The bullpen tonight was great with Alfredo Aceves pitching 2 perfect innings, Damaso Marte getting David Ortiz out in a big spot and Joba Chamberlain looking like the old Joba striking out 2 batters to close out the 8th. He also did his spinning pump fist, he needs to how that emotion and get fired up, his velocity was also up to 96 which is great to see. The offense was led by Robinson Cano who started the spring hitting and hasn't stopped. He was 2-3 with 2 rbi and 2 runs scored. Nick Johnson didn't get a hit but was on base 3 times and that was why he was brought here because of his high on base percentage. Nick Swisher has also been hitting great, he had 2 hits and a rbi. The Yankees will try to win the series tomorrow night at 7:00PM on the YES network.

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  1. big yankee fan myself, very please with the performance of tonight. I have a lot of mets fans that rubbed it in my face that the mets won and yanks lost my response to that is lets see what happens when Pelfrey and Perez have to start.

    I think Posada is a great offensive player but is lacking something of defense. He had a little trouble on Sunday night with 2 pitches I think, one was really wild and got away from him the other was kind of his fault.

    Lets go Cano! picked him up on the Fantasy team. Very good addition to me team.

    Check out my blog, I'm new to this but I would like to blog daily about sports and my ideas on them.



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