Saturday, May 21, 2011

Yankees lose the opener of the Subway Series

The New York Yankees and New York Mets openened up the 2011 version of the Subway Series on Friday night.  It was a packed house and the rain cleared up in time for the game.  The offense for both teams was not good.  The pitching was superb on both sides.  Freddy Garcia gave up two runs in seven innings and R.A. Dickey gave up one run on four hits in six innings.  The knuckler was dancing and had the Yankees all screwed up.  The Yankees offense except for the game on Thursday night when they scored 13 runs has been pretty bad.  They hit a lot of homeruns but don't manufacture runs and don't do much in a lot of these games.  They are now in third place in the AL East.  The Mets are in fourth place in the NL East but with a ragtag bunch have reached 500.  They are playing hard and scrappy and they have been getting great starting pitching over the last few days. 

The Yankees only run came on a Mark Teixeira homerun.  The Mets got a solo homerun from Daniel Murphy and Justin Turner continued to be their best offensive player with an RBI double and a couple of other hits.  The bullpen on both sides looked great, Mike O'Connor, Jason Isringhausen and Krod for the Mets and Joba Chamberlain and Dave Robertson for the Yankees.  The two teams will play game two of their three game series on Saturday night at 7:00PM. 

A.J. Burnett will take on Chris Capuano.  The Yankees have lost six straight at home, it is the first time since 2003 when they lost eight straight at home.  There was one play in the game in the middle innings, I think the sixth where Jose Reyes made a diving stop on Arod and threw him out to end the inning.  The Yankees had first and second no outs and couldn't take advantage, that was the game right there, he saved a run most likely and who knows what could of happened after that.  The Yankees though have been inept in those situations, they don't know how to move runners over, lay down a bunt, hit a sac fly.  They right now barely can do any of that, they play Earl Weaver baseball, sit back and wait for the big homerun.  If they keep it up they won't get anywhere because the pitching has been so good but how long can that last with Garcia and Colon who have been big suprises.  If the pitching goes south eventually the Yankees will be in big trouble unless the offense wakes up.  The offense is not taking advantage of the good pitching and they keep wasting great pitching performances that you don't know if that will be the last good game they get out of Garcia or Colon etc. 

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