Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Yankees notes as they sort through some injuries

The Yankees GM had surgery and will be laid up for a while. He will need someone to drive him around and will be on crutches for about 8 weeks. He raised awareness for a good cause though and he can still talk on his cell phone. 
Mark Teixeira is the more concerning issue as he got injured hitting off a tee. He was with Team USA preparing for the WBC when it happened and will no longer play in the tournament. He was sent back to NY to get checked out, they will run some more tests on Wednesday and the Yankees should know more then. They are calling it a right wrist strain right now and him being out for a minimum of two weeks. Brian Cashman said he was very concerned though as wrists can be tricky. If he isn’t able to start the season they don’t really have a logical replacement but I guess Dan Johnson or Juan Rivera could play first base. Johnson has had more time there during his career.

David Robertson was scheduled to pitch in last nights game but didn’t. He had trouble loosening up. They are saying he slept wrong on his shoulder and that was the cause. The Yankees and Robertson say it is no big deal but they will have to monitor that.

Adonis Garcia was a minor league player in camp, he broke his hamate bone of his left wrist. He will have surgery on Thursday and be out for 6-8 weeks. David Phelps pitched well again last night, he will be on the team with Ivan Nova it is just a matter of who will be the fifth starter. I still think they will go with Nova and have Phelps as the Long reliever/spot starter, he excelled in that role last year and Nova really hasn’t done it. They will both be valuable to the team this year. They have both looked good also so far.

It looks like Derek Jeter could play Sunday and after saying it was possible for Mariano Rivera to see his first action today he will get in a game on Saturday for the first time Joe Girardi said.

It looks like the Yankees are going to fill the left field void internally right now and if it is one of the young guys they may have Gardner and Ichiro be versatile and play multiple outfield positions and work around whoever that other guy is. It is only going to be for about a month or maybe five weeks so I guess this makes sense for the Yankees. Why go out and get someone when they can cover it for that short time and then Granderson will be back and he will go back to center with Gardner in left field.

Phil Hughes is feeling good and says he could be ready to start the season. He will play catch again today and be back to 90 feet. CC Sabathia threw his first sim game of the spring, he threw 15 pitches then 18 pitches and then a few more to get his pitch count up. He said he feels fine and is on schedule.

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