Wednesday, April 10, 2013

New York Yankees notes as they start to feel good about themselves

Derek Jeter began running again on Wednesday. He didn’t do full out sprints but he was running and he also took ground balls with some side movement and hit in the cage. Girardi said he feels it was a big step and he is curious to see how he feels tomorrow. The Yankees hot video of him doing drills today so that Girardi and the Yankees staff can see how he looks for themselves and determine what they think. The Yankees need to see him running at 100 percent and get into some games, especially back-to-back games. He is still a ways off but this was a good day for him. 
Clay Rapada signed back with the Yankees on a minor league deal. There is a rule that he can’t come back to the team until May 3rd. Curtis Granderson has been cleared two swing the bat but he is going to do it underwater first. He will do it in a pool and then hopefully by the weekend the Yankees say he will be doing tee work.

The Yankees have scored 32 runs in the past three days. There is no lineup that is going to be able to sustain that but I don’t think anyone thought the Yankees could do this even for a short period. I personally didn’t but I thought the offense could be better then what people were thinking. They have scored 7+ runs in three straight games which they didn’t do at all last year. They did hit five homeruns in this game but they also did have singles and walks to lead to the first four runs so it is a more balanced attack. The Yankees overall won’t hit as many homeruns but I think they can score runs and have a pretty good offense. If the pitching holds up they will be just fine.

Robinson Cano had three homeruns in the past two games and nearly doubles his average. Kevin Youkilis has a hit in every game this season, Vernon Wells is batting 360 and Travis Hafner 333. Pettitte for the first time since 2003 has started 2-0. He said he was pleased overall though he didn’t like the walks he gave up. He said he was happy to get deep into the game though.

The Indians don’t have a starter right now for tommorows game. It was supposed to be Brett Myers but he pitched in this game. Brennan Boesch and Lyle Overbay each hit their first Yankees homerun. If your wondering about John Sterling and his call it was it’s a BB for BB, Boesch oh gosh and Lyle hits it a mile.

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